About Us

About Us

Thanks to generous volunteer and donor support, Hospice Peterborough offers the best possible support to individuals and families living with or affected by life-threatening illness and grief.

Guided by a philosophy of compassion, respect and autonomy, the organization’s team of specially trained staff and volunteers work together to care for the whole person, improve quality of life and enhance comfort. When individuals and families come to Hospice, they realize they are not alone.

Since 1988, Hospice Peterborough has created a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment for clients, staff and volunteers. Hospice staff and volunteers actively listen and offer non-judgmental support and respect for personal choice regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, ability, age, socio-economic or cultural background, or type and stage of life-threatening illness or grief.

The organization’s programs and services are offered free of charge to residents of all ages living in the city and county of Peterborough. These include home-support, day hospice, caregiver support group, grief groups, family support and wellness programming. Staff and volunteers also work with clients and their families to advocate for excellent hospice palliative care within the health and social service care systems and within the family unit.

Hospice Peterborough provides education and consultation support in the City of Kawartha Lakes, Haliburton, Northumberland and Peterborough Counties. The scope of Hospice includes a new 10 bed hospice residence, offering another choice for end of life care in the community. This will complete Hospice Peterborough’s transition to become a central hub for the delivery of hospice palliative care.


The mission of Hospice Peterborough is to enhance the comfort, dignity and quality of life of individuals and families living with or affected by life-threatening illness or grief.

Vision 2021-2025

To be a central hub for the delivery of hospice palliative care in Peterborough City and County.

Strategic Plan for Hospice Peterborough 2021-2025


Hospice Peterborough is partially funded by the Ontario Government through the Central East Local Health Integration Network (LHIN).

The organization also relies on local community generosity to fund services and programs. In other words, donors make the delivery of Hospice care possible.

Hospice is committed to fundraising best practices to ensure the transparent and responsible management of all donated funds. Ongoing fundraising initiatives encourage the community’s philanthropic culture to support present and future hospice palliative care services within the region.

Donors make our care possible

Annual Reports

Privacy and Confidentiality

Hospice Peterborough is committed to protecting and maintaining the privacy of the personal, organizational and health information of our clients, volunteers, donors, employees, and other stakeholders through policy and practice.

Hospice Peterborough will only collect, store and use Personal Health Information relevant to the programs and services we offer and this information will only be shared within your circle of care with your permission for example with palliative physicians or family members who you identify we can share information with. As per government legislation information will be retained and destroyed. You are welcome to request to see our policy on storage and retention of records.

If you make a donation to Hospice Peterborough, we will never share your information with other organizations and we protect any confidential information such as credit card numbers by carefully choosing what software we use to collect and store this information.

Privacy training is provided to all staff, volunteers and students in accordance with legislative and professional practice standards and everyone is expected to maintain privacy and confidentiality.
Hospice Peterborough will respond in a timely manner to potential breaches, and inquiries and complaints.

With regard to its privacy and confidentiality practices, HP will respond in a timely manner to potential breaches, and inquiries and complaints.

If you would like to review our policy on Confidentiality and Privacy or if you have any questions please reach out to Hospice Peterborough’s Privacy Officer, by email to privacyofficer@hospicepeterborough.org or phone 705-742-4042.

Policies & Procedures

Access Corrections Disclosure
Accessibility Plan
Accessibility Compliance Statement
Community Programs Client Bill of Rights
Privacy & Confidentiality

Board of Directors


Email for any Board member can be sent to admin@hospicepeterborough.org. Simply identify the Board member’s name in the ‘subject’ line and the message will be forwarded.

Mary Blair, President
Adam Burns, Vice-President
Heather Eatson, Secretary
Marie Hynes, Treasurer
Len Lifchus, Past-President
Shelley Barrie
Kirsten Burgomaster
Richard Johnston
Margaret Keatings
Dan Marinigh
Max Moloney, Board Youth Intern
Christina Murphy
Deborah Nayler
Otis Smith
Dr. Becca Webster

Board Biographies

Hospice Staff

Hajni Hos, Executive Director
Dr. Christopher Blake, Medical Director
Andrea Barrett, Food Services
Meaghan Blodgett, Office & Information Coordinator
Sheila Bourgeois, Family and Child Life Specialist
Rochelle Bowers, Human Resources Administrator
Mike Bowser, Building Maintenance and Custodian
Julie Brown, Supportive Care Counsellor
Alison Casey, Development Advisor
Jill Duncan, Intake Coordinator
Andrew Graham, Manager of Finance and Administration
Linda Kehoe, Palliative Navigator
Red Keating, Supportive Care Counsellor
Danielle LeMoine, Clinical Lead
Cheryl McFarlane, Supportive Care Counsellor
Erin Newman-Waller, Nurse Consultant, Palliative Pain & Symptom Management
Erin O'Brien, Residence Manager
Aimee O'Reilly, Manager of Development
Carolyn Parkes, Volunteer Services Lead
Wil Pialagitis, Accounting and Payroll Coordinator
Barb Ross, Volunteer Services and Rural Program Coordinator
Sarah van den Berg, Fundraising and Communications Coordinator
Brenda Warner, Palliative Navigator
Natalie Warner, Manager of Community Programs
Amy Watson, Intake Coordinator