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Losing a loved one can be a profound experience

Adult female consoling another femaleAt Hospice Peterborough, we recognize that grief is a natural and individual process. Our grief support programs are designed to provide a comforting space for individuals to explore their emotions, share their stories, and find healing in community.

Whether you have recently experienced a loss or are still processing the grief of a past loss, our programs are here to offer guidance and understanding. Our dedicated team is committed to providing a range of resources tailored to your unique needs.

Hospice Peterborough is here to walk alongside you, offering empathy, comfort, and the tools to navigate the path of grief with hope and resilience.

Grief Chat for the Recently Bereaved

A group for those who have recently experienced the death of someone significant to them. This twice-monthly group offers a flexible format where bereaved individuals can connect with others who have experienced a loss. Daytime and evening program times are available.

Adult Grief Recovery Groups

Adult Grief Recovery Groups are for those who have experienced the death of a loved one at least three to six months before the start of a group. The content each week builds on the content of the week prior, and the sessions are led by experienced facilitators at Hospice.

The grief recovery program has three levels. Grief recovery level one is a 10-week program which offers a safe place to share and express feelings and experiences and to move forward through grief. Level two is a 12-week program that continues the learning and examines some of the more complex aspects of grief and recovery including: finding identity, new relationships, and identifying healthy and unhealthy belief systems. Level three is a monthly group where people who have completed level two can drop in to receive ongoing support and encouragement.

Children and Teen Support

Teenage boy and girl consoling each otherHospice Peterborough can offer limited one-to-one support to parents, children and teens grieving the death of someone they love. The Child and Family Life Specialist supports parents to understand and respond to their child or teen’s grief. After connecting with the parent(s), children and teens are invited to come to Hospice and participate in expressive arts and play based activities to help them understand their grief.

For children and teens who are already receiving support services in the school or community, the Child and Family Life Specialist is available to connect with staff in these services to add a grief component while continuing to ensure consistency in service for the child or teen.

Children and Teen Grief Programs

Hospice offers Grief programs including grief groups and retreats for children and teens. These programs connect children and teens with other children and teens who are grieving to share feelings and experiences. Activities in the group help them to understand and manage their feelings and behaviours around grief. Often there is a program happening for parents at the same time which helps to connect them with other parents and helps them to understand their child or teen’s grief.

Survivors of Suicide Loss

The Survivors of Suicide Loss Group is a structured support program for individuals as they navigate the changes in their life following the death of someone they love by suicide.

Moving With Grief

Some people don’t want to sit still in a grief group. Moving with grief is an accessible group which is always held at a site that is able to accommodate walkers or wheelchairs. It is not an exercise group but rather a group where you can be with other people in grief and where you can talk about that grief with compassionate volunteers if you wish.

Parent Group

The death of a child shakes the natural order of life. This monthly group led by skilled facilitators is designed to be a safe space for parents who have experienced the death of a child to gather and connect with other parents.


Please visit our Resource page for a list of reputable websites where you can find information about grief. You are always welcome to call, drop-in or email us with questions about hospice palliative care and grief.

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