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Palliative Pain & Symptom Management Consultation Service

The Palliative Pain and Symptom Management Consultation Service (PPSMCS) supports contracted service providers with the Local Health Integration Network (LHIN), long-term care homes, community support services and primary care by providing access to a Palliative Pain and Symptom Management consultant. This position helps to build capacity among front line service providers through consultation, education, mentoring, networking and linking to palliative care resources.

The service is available throughout the Northeast Cluster (Haliburton and Peterborough Counties, Northumberland and the City of Kawartha Lakes). All healthcare providers may contact the service by completing and faxing the PPSMC Referral Form to 705-742-0064. A physician referral is not necessary.

PPSMC Referral Form (PDF file)Woman in front of a white board

The PPSMC can be contacted by phone at 705-742-4042 x344 or email at .

The PPSMCS is founded on the belief that:

  • Individuals have the right to effective pain and symptom management;
  • Pain and distressing symptoms can be alleviated;
  • Those who are ill (and their families) benefit from the assistance of a skilled multidisciplinary team.

What does the service offer?

  • Onsite or telephone/email/fax/teleconferencing consultation about palliative care and pain and symptom management for healthcare providers in the community or long-term care homes;
  • Links to multidisciplinary team members for advice and support;
  • Case-based education and mentoring for service providers.
    Note:This service does not provide direct client/patient assessment or care planning. As part of an education/coaching activity with a service provider a client/patient may be present, however, the service provider remains the one responsible for the care;
  • Links service providers with specialized hospice palliative care resources (e.g.Pallium Palliative Pocketbook; Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario Long-Term Care Best Practices Toolkit for End-of-Life Care;Pain and Symptom Management Booklet);
  • Builds capacity among front line service providers in the delivery of palliative care.

Education for Healthcare Providers

Hospice Peterborough offers educational opportunities for community healthcare providers including palliative certificate courses, guest speakers and webinars facilitated by the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association, Hospice Palliative Care Ontario, and other reputable health service organizations.

Hospice Peterborough also hosts community education events that might be of interest to healthcare providers.

To receive email notifications about all education sessions and events please contact us by phone at 705-742-4042 ext. 344 or


Within Ontario, the interdisciplinary palliative education certificate courses developed by the Southwestern Ontario Palliative Pain and Symptom Management Consultation Service serve as the gold standard for educating healthcare providers in palliative care. These courses are offered by palliative care professionals through Hospice Peterborough.

Hospice Peterborough’s Palliative Pain and Symptom Management Consultation Service (PPSMCS) offers three courses every year. If you have any questions or require further information about the courses and when they are offered please contact us at 705-742-4042 ext. 344 or email

To register for an upcoming course please visit

Core Fundamentals of Hospice Palliative Care

Core Fundamentals of Hospice Palliative Care is a certificate program for healthcare providers to develop comfort in discussing all aspects of dying and death. Participants will increase awareness of the eight domains of issues that may impact individuals and families living with or affected by life-threatening illness (i.e. disease management, physical, psychological, social, spiritual, practical, end-of-life care/death management and loss/grief). Formal caregivers are prepared and then challenged to apply strategies to facilitate change in the illness experiences of those that are dying.

The course includes nine virtual hours of classroom learning over six weeks and is based on a case-based and peer-to-peer learning model that includes reflective activities.

Note: The Core Fundamentals of Hospice Palliative Care is a prerequisite for the Enhanced and CAPCE courses (see below).

Enhanced Fundamentals of Hospice Palliative Care (prerequisite for CAPCE)

Enhanced Fundamentals of Hospice Palliative Care is intended for Nurse Practitioners (NPs), Registered Nurses (RNs) and Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) with an interest in developing capacity related to hospice palliative care in a clinical setting.

The course consists of two, three-hour classes. 

Course prerequisite: Core Fundamentals.

The Comprehensive Advanced Palliative Care Education (CAPCE)

CAPCE is designed to align with the Model to Guide Hospice Palliative Care: Based on National Principles and Norms of Practice (CHPCA 2013). This course is reflective of best practice guidelines, evidence-based Hospice Palliative care in a clinical setting, utilizing case-based learning and peer to peer group work. Participants will learn the principles of dose titration and equianalgesics.

Each participant will receive a peer-reviewed resource book, The Pallium Palliative Pocketbook, to facilitate the learning experience.

There are nine classroom sessions (two to four hours each) that utilize a case-based, peer-to-peer learning model with approximately 120 hours for the complete learning experience (this will vary slightly depending on individual learning needs).

Advanced Palliative Practice Skills (APPS)

The Advanced Palliative Practice Skills (APPS) program is an educational program designed for Personal Support Workers (PSWs), and Health Care Aides, who are graduates of the Core Fundamentals of Hospice Palliative Care Program and who have an interest in enhancing their knowledge and skills related to palliative and end-of-life care.

The 30-hr APPS program is comprised of three, virtual in-class sessions with additional reading, reflections, and e-Modules.


Healthcare partners can request debriefing sessions to assist staff to deal with emotional issues that result from death. Hospice Peterborough offers a safe, confidential space to identify, express and honour the emotional pieces of the stories people carry. Debriefing sessions are intentionally offered at Hospice in order to provide space and safety to this work.

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