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As a dedicated provider of palliative care, Hospice Peterborough offers compassionate support and comfort to individuals and their families during the last months of like in the community, and in the last two weeks of life in our 10-bed Residence.

Hospice palliative care starts in the place a person calls home. Hospice Peterborough helps people connect with the resources they need including palliative physician care.

Please note that all Hospice services are offered at no cost.

Make a Hospice Referral

Healthcare providers are encouraged to download our referral form and submit it along with supporting documentation by fax 705-742-0064.

Hospice Peterborough encourages early referral to palliative programs including connection with the palliative physician and to facilitate admission to the Hospice Residence at end-of-life as needed. However, prior registration with or participation in Hospice Peterborough programs is not a requirement for admission to the Residence and we recognize that people’s health can change quickly.

General Admission Criteria for Hospice Residence:

  • Require end-of-life care in the last weeks of life; prognosis days to weeks
  • Palliative Performance Scale of 30% or less or rapid decline in performance scale
  • Established plan of care with no further investigations planned
  • Care for client is possible in the Hospice Peterborough facility
  • Client or substitute decision maker consents to admission and has knowledge of the residence guidelines
  • Completed Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order

To discuss a referral for the palliative programs including linking a client with a palliative physician, or the admission criteria please contact Intake at 705-742-4042.

To find our more about our client, caregiver and bereavement programs, please visit our programs page or reach out at
705-742-4042 or for more information.