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Grief and the Holidays during COVID-19

Find the light in this season of darkness.

As we approach the holiday season in this strange age of COVID-19, we may be especially missing our loved ones who have died.

Beginning December 11, Hospice Peterborough invites you to honour your loved one by placing a Hospice dove with their name on it on the fence, outside Hospice Peterborough at 325 London Street, running along Reid Street. A large evergreen, generously donated by Treescape, will be lit to remind us all of the light created by the memories and love those who have died leave with each of us.

In the absence of being able to be gather in this time when the days grow colder and darker, Hospice is hoping this collection of doves and light will allow all in the community to come together in peace and safety. Hospice staff will mark the start of the event with a tree lighting ceremony which will be available on their YouTube channel and social media. Lights for the tree have been generously provided by Canadian Tire, Lansdowne Street, Peterborough.

The community is invited to print and decorate a dove for the people in your life who have died. The template can be found on Hospice Peterborough’s website. You can hang the dove yourself or bring it to Hospice Peterborough. Doves will be hung outside so please take this into consideration when printing and decorating your dove, also please understand that Hospice cannot return doves. The dove template can also be used in your own home to remember your person.

Hospice Peterborough wishes you and your loved one’s health and peace during the holiday season.

Tree generously donated by Treescape. Lights generously donated by Canadian Tire Peterborough.

If you or someone you know is struggling with grief, please call 705-742-4042 or visit

Hospice Peterborough Tree Lighting Ceremony – December 11, 2020