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Donation of Birdfeeders Will Bring Normalcy, Joy to Residents of Hospice

While Hospice Peterborough may not have gone to the birds, the birds will now be going to Hospice Peterborough.

In a heartwarming show of community collaboration, the Peterborough Field Naturalists, led by member King Baker, and local business The Avant Garden Shop came together to donate multiple birdfeeders and a pole to Hospice Peterborough.

The bird feeders, which seed was carefully chosen to support native species through the winter, were placed in the residence garden. A hummingbird feeder will be added in the spring.

Group (left to right) The Avant Garden Shop Owners Clayton and Brenda Ibey, King Baker, and Martin Parker (Peterborough Field Naturalists Member).

The addition of bird feeders is normalizing and will bring joy and comfort to the private residence gardens at Hospice. If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is that – it’s often the little pleasures, like watching birds that enriches our lives.

“The residents, their families, and even staff are going to receive such a healing distraction seeing the birds flit around outside their windows, especially in the upcoming months. Thank you to King, the Peterborough Field Naturalists and Brenda and Clayton.” Stated Alison Casey, Manager of Development at Hospice, as The Avant Garden Shop owners, Brenda and Clayton Ibey installed the birdfeeder pole.

King Baker hanging one of the feeders.

The Peterborough Field Naturalists uses part of their annual income to fund projects chosen by members and approved by their board. King Baker, who was the driving force behind the donation, states he thought of Hospice Peterborough for this gift because of the meaningful nature of the work and how he believed it would truly make a difference to those who would watch the birds from their rooms.

Hospice Peterborough provides support to individuals and families who are at the end of life, facing a life-threatening illness, or grieving. If you or someone you know could benefit from their support, please visit or call 705-742-4042.