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As a Circle of Caring donor, YOU help keep costs low and hospice programs up and running.

  • provide a foundation of consistent and reliable funding
  • help predict and support dependable budget planning
  • enable accurate investment in future programming to meet long-term community needs
  • help provide supportive care to everyone in our community, free of charge

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Maximizing Your Donation

With your help – every dollar makes a difference to local families.

In the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic, Hospice Peterborough continues to focus on what matters most: the care we provide.

Your monthly gift to Hospice Peterborough will ensure programs and services are there for individuals and families at every step of their journey; from diagnosis, through death, and grief.
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Hospice Peterborough’s Promise To You

Hospice Peterborough respects your privacy and complies with all legislative requirements regarding its protection. Hospice has never – and will never – rent, sell or trade your personal information.

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