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New Pandemic Precautions and Restrictions at Hospice Peterborough

Hospice Peterborough will re-enter Stage 1 of COVID-19 Response Plan in response to provincial lockdown.

At Hospice Peterborough the health and safety of our clients, residents, their families, volunteers, staff, and the community at large remains our number one priority.

As such, Hospice Peterborough will be returning to Stage 1 of our 4-level COVID-19 Response Plan. Our COVID-19 precautions and restrictions will be changing December 26th to comply with the direction of the provincial government and our local Public Health partners.

Effective December 26th until further notice:

  • Visitation is limited and is determined weekly by our outbreak management team
  • Visiting hours for essential visitors will be 9am-5pm with some exceptions
  • We ask that visitors be local as much as possible
  • Visitors from high-risk areas are asked to provide a recent negative COVID-19 test
  • Hospice Community Staff will be working from home as much as possible
  • All in-person volunteer activities will be on hold
  • All community programing will be offered virtually or over the phone
  • Everyone entering the building, staff included, will be screened and asked to wash their hands and wear a mask
  • Increased cleaning and sanitation will continue throughout the building

These changes were made after careful consideration and guidance from local, provincial, and national public health authorities, and Hospice Palliative Care Ontario. We remain committed to supporting efforts to minimize the spread of the virus through increased screening and limiting person to person contact, especially around people with already complex medical conditions.

Throughout the pandemic, Hospice Peterborough has continued its mission of supporting individuals and families at the end of life, through life-threatening illness, and grief.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate the realities of COVID-19.

For additional details or clarifications, please call 705-742-4042.

Thank you.

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Grief and the Holidays during COVID-19

Find the light in this season of darkness.

As we approach the holiday season in this strange age of COVID-19, we may be especially missing our loved ones who have died.

Beginning December 11, Hospice Peterborough invites you to honour your loved one by placing a Hospice dove with their name on it on the fence, outside Hospice Peterborough at 325 London Street, running along Reid Street. A large evergreen, generously donated by Treescape, will be lit to remind us all of the light created by the memories and love those who have died leave with each of us.

In the absence of being able to be gather in this time when the days grow colder and darker, Hospice is hoping this collection of doves and light will allow all in the community to come together in peace and safety. Hospice staff will mark the start of the event with a tree lighting ceremony which will be available on their YouTube channel and social media. Lights for the tree have been generously provided by Canadian Tire, Lansdowne Street, Peterborough.

The community is invited to print and decorate a dove for the people in your life who have died. The template can be found on Hospice Peterborough’s website. You can hang the dove yourself or bring it to Hospice Peterborough. Doves will be hung outside so please take this into consideration when printing and decorating your dove, also please understand that Hospice cannot return doves. The dove template can also be used in your own home to remember your person.

Hospice Peterborough wishes you and your loved one’s health and peace during the holiday season.

Tree generously donated by Treescape. Lights generously donated by Canadian Tire Peterborough.

If you or someone you know is struggling with grief, please call 705-742-4042 or visit

Hospice Peterborough Tree Lighting Ceremony – December 11, 2020
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Donation of Birdfeeders Will Bring Normalcy, Joy to Residents of Hospice

While Hospice Peterborough may not have gone to the birds, the birds will now be going to Hospice Peterborough.

In a heartwarming show of community collaboration, the Peterborough Field Naturalists, led by member King Baker, and local business The Avant Garden Shop came together to donate multiple birdfeeders and a pole to Hospice Peterborough.

The bird feeders, which seed was carefully chosen to support native species through the winter, were placed in the residence garden. A hummingbird feeder will be added in the spring.

Group (left to right) The Avant Garden Shop Owners Clayton and Brenda Ibey, King Baker, and Martin Parker (Peterborough Field Naturalists Member).

The addition of bird feeders is normalizing and will bring joy and comfort to the private residence gardens at Hospice. If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is that – it’s often the little pleasures, like watching birds that enriches our lives.

“The residents, their families, and even staff are going to receive such a healing distraction seeing the birds flit around outside their windows, especially in the upcoming months. Thank you to King, the Peterborough Field Naturalists and Brenda and Clayton.” Stated Alison Casey, Manager of Development at Hospice, as The Avant Garden Shop owners, Brenda and Clayton Ibey installed the birdfeeder pole.

King Baker hanging one of the feeders.

The Peterborough Field Naturalists uses part of their annual income to fund projects chosen by members and approved by their board. King Baker, who was the driving force behind the donation, states he thought of Hospice Peterborough for this gift because of the meaningful nature of the work and how he believed it would truly make a difference to those who would watch the birds from their rooms.

Hospice Peterborough provides support to individuals and families who are at the end of life, facing a life-threatening illness, or grieving. If you or someone you know could benefit from their support, please visit or call 705-742-4042.

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Hospice Peterborough COVID-19 Update – Stage 3 of Reopening

We are so proud to be a part of a community that rallies together to flatten the curve, allowing Hospice Peterborough to enter phase 3 of our Pandemic Re-opening Plan.

Changes are being introduced slowly and Hospice Peterborough continues to follow the expert advice of Public Health professionals, and direction from the Ministry of Health. We vigilantly monitor changes daily and decisions continue to be made with the safety of clients, residents, families, staff, and the community at large as our top priority.

Most support programs and palliative navigation will continue to take place virtually or over the phone, with home or in-person visits offered only by following a decision tree to ensure screening and safety measures can be followed. Programs that involve gatherings of individuals most at risk, such as our Day Hospice groups, will remain virtual. Group meeting areas are closed and the heightened cleaning and sanitization procedures remain in place throughout the building.

Although we miss our volunteers terribly, all volunteer activities are still on hold while we are carefully planning to restart low risk volunteer activities in our next Phase.

Visitor restrictions are adjusted weekly. Currently (as of July 31, 2020), each resident will be allowed 6 essential visitors (2-3 visitors at a time). All visitors are screened daily as they enter the building. Visitors are also able to meet with loved ones from the courtyard through a window as the weather permits. Staff are happy to assist in coordinating these types of visits. Additional visitors may be allowed in the last hours of life, and at the discretion of our Medical Director and Manager of Residence.

Frontline and residence staff are equipped with proper Personal Protective Equipment including masks, face shields, gloves, and gowns. Non-frontline staff continue to work mostly from home, with the option of time, scheduled ahead, in the office. Social distancing, wearing masks, and screening procedures extend to all staff as they enter the building.

We have been so moved by the community’s response during this pandemic which has allowed us to continue to support those living with a life-threatening illness, at the end of life, and dealing with grief.

While life goes on, so does death, and we are still here for those who need our care and support.

If you have any questions about our programs, support, or our pandemic plan, please call 705-742-4042.

Your financial support makes our care possible – please donate today.

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Dr. John Beamish, Medical Director of Hospice Peterborough, reflects on the first year at 325 London St. in his video ‘A Dream, A Nightmare.’

Hospice Peterborough extends their sincere thanks to Dr. Beamish. During the height of COVID-19, to limit the risk of exposure to the virus, Dr. Beamish cared for all of our Residents in our Care Centre for months, without a day off.

Dr. Beamish is also one of the founding members of Hospice Peterborough and a tireless advocate for hospice palliative care.  Our community has been so fortunate to benefit from his dedication and expertise for over 32 years. Thank you!

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COVID-19: Next Steps for Hospice Peterborough

As the pandemic storm begins to subside and life cautiously tackles a new normal, Hospice Peterborough will implement the next phase of our ongoing Pandemic Plan in response to the shifting COVID-19 climate.

We recognize the significant amount of uncertainty and apprehension that will follow as we navigate the process of clients, volunteers, visitors, and staff coming back into the 325 London Street location.

Acknowledging that at any time the community can be forced back into isolation and social distancing measures, nimbly and vigilantly we continue to monitor, adjust, and learn from each phase of this pandemic.

As echoed throughout this crisis by the Board of Directors and the Executive Director, ‘the health and safety of clients, residents, family members, volunteers, staff, partners, and community members is of utmost importance. Therefore, we will take each step slowly after significant consideration and consultation with health authorities and other hospices.’

We are all in this together, and we will get through this together… we all play an important role in the future recovery of our community.

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Neighbourhood Honour Guard

One of the struggles people are having in this time of Covid-19 is how to recognize important life moments normally shared with extended family and friends; this includes funerals and celebrations of life.

This is the story of how one family was able to honour their person given the restrictions Covid-19 is placing on social gatherings.

The primary caregiver in this story had participated in an honour guard at Hospice Peterborough for a person that had died in the Hospice Residence. When her husband died at home, she felt is was important to adapt this ceremony to create a neighbourhood honour guard. After the death, along with calling the funeral home the family reached out to friends and neighbours. Friends drove over to the home and neighbours came out onto the street observing physical distancing protocols. Some of those participating in the honour guard held signs with his name and others clapped in honour of the deceased and as a show of support for his family. When the funeral homes vehicle pulled away, the family got into their car and fell into line next and then all the extended family and friends that had driven to the neighbourhood joined the procession and escorted them to the funeral home. At the funeral home the family stood out front and waved to each of their friends as they drove past them. This ceremony provided a creative way to recognize a life well lived and to honour the family grieving in this time where physical proximity is challenging.

One of the tips the caregiver shared for making this work successfully was to think about it ahead of time and to have a rough plan. Public protocols continue to change daily, so it is not the time to have a rigid plan about what the honour guard will look like but having ideas about what is important to you and your family helps as you will likely not feel like planning to pull together people in the immediate time after your loved one dies. Things to consider ahead of time include:

1. Would I prefer to have my family member’s face covered or uncovered during an honour guard? Is there a special blanket or item I would like to have with my special person’s body during the honour guard? The funeral home can return these items to you after your person’s body is in the vehicle.

2. Who is a key person that can communicate the details at the appropriate time and contact everyone? The caregiver in this story, suggests people put together a distribution list that they could send the information out to by email or text rather than needing to communicate it person by person after the death.

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COVID-19 FREE Hospice Peterborough

The results of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) testing revealed all 20 staff, including Dr. John Beamish, Medical Director, are negative for the virus.

“While this news is reassuring, we were cautiously confident that we had followed all the infection control protocols to the best of our ability,” stated Hajni Hos, Executive Director.

“On Thursday, April 23rd, we disclosed to our community an individual with cancer diagnosis had tested positive with COVID-19 while being asymptomatic. We now believe that test was among the 22 local false positive specimens report by Peterborough Public Health (PPH),” stated Jodi Dunn, Manager of Hospice Residence.

Hospice Peterborough continues to accept new admissions to the palliative residence and will continue to screen residents, essential visitors and staff to its London St. location. In accordance with Hospice Peterborough’s COVID-19 Outbreak Management Plan the building has undergone deep cleaning and disinfecting, as outlined in the pandemic protocols, precautions, and procedures.

Throughout the pandemic, the community has continued to support Hospice Peterborough and its work, especially around supplying PPE.

Hospice Peterborough sends thanks to the following individuals, groups, and businesses who have donated lifesaving Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Karen Adams, Black’s Distillery, Suzanne Boyer, Bryan Cathcart Tracking, Sandra Clements – ReMax, Mike D’Angelantonio, Enbridge Gas, Giant Tiger – Lansdowne and Lakefield, Beverly Handlechner, Harco Enterprises, Kevin Hickey, Irma Hos, Merit Precision Ltd., Dorothy O’Brien, MPP Dave Smith, Sweet Peach Scrunchies, Rotary Club of Peterborough Kawartha, Vedra and Jim Hill, and Ventra Plastics.

It is with our heartfelt appreciation that we recognize and thank the Rotary Club of Kawartha Peterborough for their ongoing support and investment in Hospice Peterborough. Thank you for your gift of $1,200 to purchase life saving Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for our end-of-life residence.

“Please forgive us if we have missed any names, your gift is equally important and appreciated in keeping our residents, families, staff, and community safe,” noted Hos.

“Our number one priority has always been the care we deliver. The core of our organization continues to provide compassionate care, and to enhance the comfort, dignity, and quality of life of individuals and families. Thankfully, we have been able to continue to provide a safe home for residents, their families, and staff.” affirmed Shelley Barrie, Board Chair, Hospice Peterborough.

Decisions continue to be guided by the expert advice being provided by local, provincial, and national public health authorities; Peterborough Public Health, Hospice Palliative Care Ontario, and the Ministry of Health while monitoring and assessing next steps, escalating risks, and contingency precautions in consultation with Medical staff and partners.

To minimize the risk of community transmissions and for the safety of residents, their families, clients, volunteers, and staff Hospice Peterborough made the decision in early March to restrict entry to its London St. location to essential resident’s visitors and staff only.

Robust community programs and bereavement supports are continuing remotely and through one to one phone calls.

Hospice Peterborough strives to achieve transparency in its governance and will continue to update the community with details as they unfold.

“While we are not out of the woods yet, we continue to work diligently and vow not let our guard down against this horrific disease.” Stated Hos.

For further information, contact:
Hajni Hos, Executive Director
Hospice Peterborough
325 London Street
Peterborough, Ontario K9H 2Z5
705-742-4202 or

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COVID-19 Announcement – Hospice Peterborough

Hospice Peterborough has announced its first positive confirmed case of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). The Organization has no additional suspected or confirmed cases. Peterborough Public Health does not consider this to be an outbreak.

“As always the health and safety of clients, residents, family members, volunteers, staff, partners, and community members is paramount,” stated Hajni Hos, Executive Director.

  “In keeping with Hospice Peterborough’s concern for the wellbeing of residents, their families and supporters as well as our staff, we have undertaken an extensive COVID-19 screening and testing protocol.   Through this process we have diagnosed an A-symptomatic COVID-19 positive resident, received in transfer from a facility that recently went into outbreak.   Awareness of this diagnosis has allowed us to maximize this individual’s comfort, while protecting their family and staff through isolation and other protective equipment measures and procedures.    We remain committed to our mission of providing optimal care to the dying, while supporting family and community through difficult times.”

Dr. John Beamish, Medical Director, Hospice Peterborough    

Since the beginning of March 2020 Hospice Peterborough activated its COVID-19 Outbreak Management Plan according to a ‘when’ and not ‘if scenario by implementing and following strict pandemic protocols, precautions, and procedures while monitoring and assess next steps, escalating risks, and contingency precautions in consultation with Medical staff and partners. Decisions continue to be guided by the expert advice being provided by local, provincial, and national public health authorities; Peterborough Public Health, Hospice Palliative Care Ontario, and the Ministry of Health.

Due to rigorous precautions staff and guests to the building have been provided with adequate PPE.

To minimize the risk of community transmissions and for the safety of residents, their families, clients, volunteers and staff, Hospice Peterborough made the decision in early March to restrict entry to its London St. location to essential staff and visitors only. Consequently there is no risk of COVID-19 through Hospice Peterborough exposure to community clients and volunteers.

Deep cleaning and disinfecting, has been taking place since the beginning of March and will continue. At this time Hospice Peterborough is not accepting new admissions.

Community programs and bereavement supports are still being offered virtually.

Hospice Peterborough strives to achieve transparency in their governance and will continue to update the community with details as they unfold.

We have planned for the worst – we have been hoping for the best and in true Hospice Peterborough fashion, we have communicated each and every COVID-19 development and occurrence with our stakeholders and community since the beginning. This is YOUR Community Hospice and we its caretakers. You have entrusted us to this privilege and we are passionate about the delivery of hospice palliative care – in good times and throughout the bad.” Stated Hos.

For further information, contact:

Hajni Hos, Executive Director

Hospice Peterborough

325 London Street

Peterborough, Ontario K9H 2Z5

705-742-4202 or