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COVID-19: Next Steps for Hospice Peterborough

As the pandemic storm begins to subside and life cautiously tackles a new normal, Hospice Peterborough will implement the next phase of our ongoing Pandemic Plan in response to the shifting COVID-19 climate.

We recognize the significant amount of uncertainty and apprehension that will follow as we navigate the process of clients, volunteers, visitors, and staff coming back into the 325 London Street location.

Acknowledging that at any time the community can be forced back into isolation and social distancing measures, nimbly and vigilantly we continue to monitor, adjust, and learn from each phase of this pandemic.

As echoed throughout this crisis by the Board of Directors and the Executive Director, ‘the health and safety of clients, residents, family members, volunteers, staff, partners, and community members is of utmost importance. Therefore, we will take each step slowly after significant consideration and consultation with health authorities and other hospices.’

We are all in this together, and we will get through this together… we all play an important role in the future recovery of our community.

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