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Community Events

Connie Swinton’s Book

‘From Tofield to the top of the World’ debuted in January to a crowd of 80 people at Hospice Peterborough. As a long-time resident of Peterborough, 95-year-old Constance Alexa Swinton travelled the world during her 45-year career in public health nursing.

She worked with the Victorian Order of Nurses, taught at the University of Toronto, been a consultant to Health Canada, and, with CIDA and other organizations. Connie shared her public health expertise and leadership in countries around the world. She has served in rural Alberta, in the mountain regions of Nepal, in the deserts of Sudan, in Vietnam in the 1970s during the war, in Pakistan during the assassination of a president, and on less dramatic projects in Indonesia and Thailand.

Her story in many ways is a history of the delivery of health services here in Canada and of Canada’s international role in raising standards of health care in the developing world.

Connie continued her public service with many local organizations like Hospice Peterborough where she volunteered for over 25years fulfilling many important roles in the advancement of palliative care.

Her pioneering dedication, earned Connie many precious awards, including the Order of Canada.

“Thank you to Connie Swinton for continuing to make a difference in palliative care and for volunteering for Hospice Peterborough for 25 plus years. We are truly grateful to Connie for all her years of service and sincerely thank her for selecting us to be the recipient of her incredible book and life’s story,” says Linda Sunderland, Executive Director, Hospice Peterborough.

Connie’s Book, ‘From Tofield to the top of the World’ can be purchased through Amazon Canada for $19.88 with a portion of the proceeds to Hospice Peterborough.