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Happy New Year

Hi everyone, Todd here. It was a chilly walk around the site today but I was able to get some good photos of construction progress. Linda was also inside the building this morning and took those photos. We are getting closer!!! [showhide type=”post”]

Main reception/donor wall corridor


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Paint, path and porch – images from Dec 20 site visit

Beautiful design courtesy of Lett Architects.
El Low (Design and Furnishings Committee) and John Dockendorff (Mortlock Construction) get ready to head inside via Private Garden entrance.
Path from parking lot down to south garden and service entrance
Excited about freshly painted walls in the new bedrooms. Pictured left to right: El Low (Chair, Design and Furnishings Committee), Linda Sunderland (Executive Director), Theresa Morris (Member, Design and Furnishings Committee).
Beautiful light shines into the Family Great Room
All will be welcome. Looking towards the front door through main reception area. Oasis Room on right.
Lower Level: Soon to be Integrated Arts Room (far right) and two Multi-Purpose Rooms (one with French doors onto garden patio).
Main Level: French doors from program room onto south-facing sun porch (currently tarped)
It takes a team…
Linda welcomes everyone at the front entrance.


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Work continues on your Hospice Peterborough (More images coming next week!)

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Looking north into the Residence private garden.[/caption]



Community Hospice Foyer and Coffee Bar (kitchen pass through window on left wall; doorway to large, bright program room in middle of photo).


Sneak peak at furniture fabrics! (Pictured: Shelley Hughes, member of Design and Furnishings Committee)
Storm water drainage system off the southeast corner of the building (now under parking lot).


Progress on the southwest.