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How Can I Help?

Over 300 Hospice Peterborough volunteers support the people we serve in a variety of ways. This includes, but is not limited to client support, reception, gardening, building maintenance, the Board of Directors, committees, Campaign Cabinet, and our signature events: Hike for Hospice, Handbags for Hospice, and Annual Hospice Gala.  Their skills and experience are invaluable and appreciated every day!

Our client support volunteers offer emotional support and practical help to people who are facing a life-threatening illness and relief time for those caring for them. They are flexible, caring people who have chosen to be visitors because they are genuinely interested in supporting individuals and families living with or affected by life-threatening illness and grief.

Examples of volunteer support

  • Visit with clients and families to provide companionship
  • Visit with a client to give the caregiver a time of respite
  • Assist with practical help in clients’ homes
  • Prepare meals or run errands for clients
  • Provide assistance with light housekeeping for clients
  • Provide grief support for families
  • Assist in the office with reception or clerical tasks
  • Join a special event team to raise awareness and funds
  • Contribute your professional expertise