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Volunteer Visiting

Hospice Peterborough volunteers offer emotional support and practical help to people who are facing a life threatening illness and relief time for those caring for them. They are flexible, caring people who have chosen to be visitors because they are genuinely interested in supporting you and your family.

Our volunteers come from all walks of life and have completed extensive training that meets nationally recognized standards. Volunteers are encouraged to attend educational events held regularly during the year to improve their knowledge and skills. For your security all volunteers have been carefully screened.

You might like a volunteer to visit once a week for a few hours or you might need a team of volunteers who will visit for periods of time each day. Whatever your need, Hospice staff will work with you and your family to help meet your needs.

We often hear “Oh, I’m not ready for Hospice yet.” We believe that the sooner Hospice and our visiting volunteers are part of your support plan, the better. Don’t hesitate to call to find out more about our volunteer visiting program.

Some volunteer roles include:

  • Read with you, watch TV, help with letter writing, or just sit quietly nearby so you are not alone
  • Assist with practical matters such as shopping, cooking or gardening
  • Assist with personal care
  • Visit with family and be a good listener
  • Stay with you while your caregiver runs errands, visits with friends or has a nap
  • Take you to an appointment within the Peterborough area

Hospice services are free of charge. No referral is necessary.