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Forming a Care Team

When someone in the family is diagnosed with a serious illness, family members, friends and colleagues in the workplace are all affected, both emotionally and practically. Roles in the family change as the person who is ill undergoes tests, surgery, and treatments. Everyone wants to help; often they don’t know how. This time is very stressful. Speaking to a Hospice staff member can help you through this process. You are not alone.

When an illness progresses, support needs will increase. Along with your professional Care Team (family doctors, specialists, nurses and other paid support workers), you may find that you have to call on the support and involvement of more than just your family members. Perhaps the person who is ill will be the first to recognize that they need more help and sometimes it’s the family. Often it is the nurse or Community Care Access Centre Case Manager who will suggest that it is time to expand the Care Team. We know it is difficult to ask for help. So, ultimately, it is your call.

Hospice Peterborough staff can help you get started. We will meet with you and your family to talk about the process of forming a Care Team, how to chose a team leader, how to decide who and what you need, how to make and update a schedule, etc. We can attend your initial careteam meetings and be available for advice and encouragement. It pays to be organized and prepared. Think about giving us a call.