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It has come to our attention that there is incorrect information concerning Hospice Peterborough being circulated in the Philippines stating that we are holding a Canada Job Placement Seminar in Manila. This is a scam. Do not send anyone money to attend a job placement seminar for Hospice Peterborough. If anyone is approached about this please report it to your local authorities.
Linda Sunderland
Executive Director
Hospice Peterborough

Bereavement Support Groups

Read Lessons from Grief, an Article by David Kennedy, Bereavement Coordinator, Hospice Peterborough.

Adult Grief Recovery Groups

Hospice offers three levels of grief recovery programs. Grief recovery level 1 is a 10 week group experience offered three times a year. This group offers a safe place to share and express feelings and experiences and to move forward through grief. Level II is a 12 week program that continues the journey and examines some of the more complex aspects of grief and recovery. Finding identity, new relationships, healthy and unhealthy belief systems, are some of the areas explored. Level III is an informal once a month group that offers ongoing support and encouragement. All groups are led by competent trained facilitators.

Teen Grief Support Group

Hospice offers a 7 week program for teens that allows them to explore the impact of grief in their life. This safe program uses a variety of creative activities such as music, story telling and many others, in order to journey the grief. Having opportunities to be with other teens who are grieving is also an important party of the journey. This group is facilitated by Hospice staff and trained volunteers. This program is run throughout the year as needed.

Teen Online Grief Group (TOGG)

Want to learn more about our teen online grief support program? Visit

The TOGG program consists of six weeks online and a gathering at Hospice for pizza on the seventh week. Teens can participate at any time of the day or night during this period.

Eligible participants include teens aged 13 to 18 who are dealing with the death of an important person in their life. Each teen will register through a face to face intake process with Hospice staff and will then be given a password to allow him or her to enter the site along with a user name to protect their identity. Discussions will be monitored and facilitated daily and activities will be posted weekly.

For more information or to reserve a spot (spaces are limited) please contact Hospice Peterborough at 705.742.4042, or by email at .

This program is offered at no charge with the generous support of the Peterborough Foundation, Kawartha Credit Union and the Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough.

Children's Grief Group

The children's grief group is a 7 week program for children ages 6-12 who have experienced the death of someone close to them. This group helps children to understand and manage their feelings and behaviours around grief. It allows children to connect with other children who are grieving, and to share feelings and experiences. There is also a parent group that meets at the same time, and to discuss issues around the grief experience. Both the children's group and the parents group are facilitated by Hospice staff and trained volunteers.

Lunch For The Recently Bereaved

There is an informal lunch group held on the first and third Fridays of each month which offers grievers an opportunity to be together with others and to find companionship on this journey. Hospice provides a light lunch and then there is discussion around some aspect of grief that is practical and relevant to the grief experience. This often provides a first connection to Hospice and introduces people to the various programs available.

Walking With Hope

This program is open to all who are bereaved and is designed to provide a walk at a pace that is appropriate for each person participating. Hospice Volunteers lead this walk and provide a listening ear or simple companionship. Walking with Hope offers both gentle physical exercise as well as emotional support for your journey. For more information about this group please contact Hospice at 705-742-4042.