Our Gift Registry Donors

Dishes Donors

Sara Audrain

Robert Campbell

Alison Casey

Barbara Dymond

Linda Nicholson

Patricia Rose

Deborah Routly In Memory of Robin Routly

Kathy Ruigrok

Jane Wilson In Memory of Donald and Marguerite MacKay


Lamp Donors

A River of Yarn

Charon Ackhurst In Memory of Ruth Hotchkiss


Balance at Work

Robert Campbell

Jennifer Chambers – Sky Studio

Jennifer Edwards

Jeff Ruigrok

Joanne Ward

Stacking Table Donors

Cheryl Healey in honour of Dale Healey

Bedside Table Donors

Patricia Marett

Diane Moloney & Jim O’Keefe.


Bookcase Donors

Evelyn Gow

Television Donors


Chair Donors

Wendy Crowley

Margaret Pound in memory of John MacDonald (2 chairs)

Bunny Shaw in memory of Tack Shaw


Loveseat Donors


Bed Donors

Evelyn Gow